It’s surprising to note that approximately 58 percent of the entire consumers are not brand loyal. What this translates to is that your business is always in stiff competition with your competitors. To succeed in this ever-competitive market, one has to stand out in the market to flourish. There are several proven tips one can implement to stand out away from your competitors.

Phenomenal Customer Service

Based on data released on a consumer satisfaction survey, about 33 percent of the entire summersets vows to take their business to your competitor after encountering a single business experience that is not in the right with their expectations. The nature of competition in the market doesn’t warrant any business to lose a single customer due to poor customer service. It has to establish excellent customer service as a core part of its business and focus on succeeding. A company’s true adequacy is measured by how they treat their customers and approximately 76 percent consider customer service an essential aspect in this quest.

The majority of consumers break up their ties with a particular brand when their negative reviews go unaddressed. All these can only get attributed to a poor customer service that fails to address their clients’ in-person issues. One of the core businesses of having a customer service desk is addressing and tracking both positive and negative customer reviews. Data shows approximately 14 percent of customers return when their complaints get addressed.

Branding that stands out

Brand professionals indicate that in the first 10 seconds, first impressions regarding a brand are what that matters. It’s imperative to get your branding as a company right in a bid to stand out. A perfect brand makes it easier for your brand recognition and also competes perfectly with your competition. Brand differentiation is another crucial factor that plays a significant role in your brand standing out. One perfect example is the global coffee seller Starbucks, which uses a mermaid as their logo, but a mermaid has nothing to do with drinking coffee. The whole idea is brand differentiation.

Another essential aspect of brand recognition is the color one chooses for their company; Evidence has shown that approximately 80 percent of brand recognition gets attributed to the color’s choice. Maintaining a consistent color and a font size that resonates with a particular group aids in brand recognition.